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Resolution No. 2018-155 N.C.S. <br />of the City of Petaluma, California <br />OPPOSING PROPOSITION 6: VOTER APPROVAL FOR FUTURE GAS <br />AND VEHICLE TAXES AND 2017 TAX REPEAL INITIATIVE <br />WHEREAS, Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act, was signed <br />into law by the Governor in April 2017 to address a backlog of streets and roads repair and <br />maintenance, and to address significant multi -modal transportation shortfalls and congestion <br />management statewide; and <br />WHEREAS, approximately $78 billion in funding is needed on a statewide basis for <br />local streets and roads, and $59 billion is needed to restore the State highway system; and <br />WHEREAS, statewide, SB 1 will provide over $1 billion annually for state and local <br />roadway system maintenance and rehabilitation, safety improvements, traffic control devices and <br />complete streets components, including pedestrian and bicycle safety projects; and <br />WHEREAS, regionally, SB 1 will provide $208 million for local roadway system <br />maintenance and rehabilitation, safety improvements, traffic control devices and complete streets <br />components, including pedestrian and bicycle safety projects; and <br />WHEREAS, SB 1 will provide $15.2 million annually to Sonoma County and its cities <br />for local roadway system repairs, maintenance, and improvements, including approximately $1.1 <br />million a year for Petaluma; and <br />WHEREAS, regionally the average pavement condition index (PCI) score is 67 out of a <br />total score of 100, which is in the "fair", but several jurisdictions' scores are below 50, the "poor <br />or failing category; and <br />WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Planning Commission has estimated Petaluma's 2017 <br />roadway maintenance backlog at $171 million; and <br />WHEREAS, for 2017, the City of Petaluma had an overall PCI rating of 46 out of 100 <br />which is in the" poor -to -failing" category; and <br />WHEREAS, Proposition 6 will eliminate SB 1 funding currently dedicated to fixing <br />roads and potholes, reducing traffic congestion and upgrading freeways, bridges, tunnels and <br />overpasses to make them safer, and for multi -modal transportation; and <br />WHEREAS, it is anticipated if Proposition 6 passes that the City of Petaluma will lose <br />approximately $10 million in roadway maintenance funding by 2027, its unfunded maintenance <br />backlog will increase to $340 million, and its PCI will decrease to 34; and <br />WHEREAS, if Proposition 6 passes, Petaluma will also lose an average of $586,000 per <br />year in transit funding and approximately $4.7 million through 2027; and <br />Resolution No, 2018-155 N.C.S, Page 1 <br />